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Coronavirus. How do you know it’s a virus?.


Coronavirus is called a virus which before Christmas caused an epidemic among people.

We know that animals first suffer from this infectious disease, which is quickly transmitted.

The beginning of this virus began in China in the city of Wuhan. Where a contagious disease has already infected several people.

They report in independent media that Chinese authorities are trying to fight this virus.

>How do you know it is coronavirus

as was already mentioned at the beginning of the entry, first the animals had such a virus, and now people are fighting with it.

Learning about such a ban is quite simple and the infected person should pay attention to.

The state of well-being with infection is not immediately visible and noticeable.

As soon as a person becomes ill with coronavirus, this quarantine takes about 2 weeks … [isolation room].

> During diagnosis, the doctor checks such a person, does he?

He has shortness of breath, and checks under the edge of bronchitis, also such a virus attacks the eyes and, the heart muscle.

> How is this Virus transmitted?

In a quick and easy way you can get infected, through, coughing, sneezing, generally dripping way.

Direct contact, by touching your hands, eyes, mouth.

There is also a high probability that it also moves through things that the infected person touched before

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The World Organization has issued a statement on how to handle the virus.

The doctors were ordered to pay attention to patients with suspected viruses.

Traveling people are more likely to get infected, which is why there are checks at the lighthouses.


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