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Donald Trump close Twitter?.For entries

Donald Trump close Twitter

Donald Trump close Twitter?, For entries. 

Donald Trump He threatened to shut down Twitter that was labeled as Misleading.

Fighting the Twitter giant is a bold step, gaining maybe more people against each other.

Twitter is a social platform with millions of users.

Donald Trump’s post has been labelled misleading on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s gift to the United States wants to shut down this global service.

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Coronavirus not from bats, China confirms.

The coronavirus came from China all over the world. 


The coronavirus came from China all over the world. 

The coronavirus came to Europe in March, and since then almost 2 million people have been infected.

Increasingly, you can hear in the city that the coronavirus did not start in the city #Wuhan. According to media sources , That the corona virus is from the bats, so reported China. But the President of the United States #Donald Trump He officially said that it was China's fault that allowed the virus to get out of the ground.

Now more and more often you hear in the media that The Covid-19 does not come from the bazaar in Wuhan, with lobolatorium leaked. Maybe it will be that someone, and in this case someone will answer for such global financial losses, and loss of loved ones.

Because as you know, many people around the world have died. And that’s not the end of this contagion.

☑️ The President of America wants and said that those who should suffer the consequences for this act.

🔥🔥 What do you think of all this, is the fault on China’s side?

Should they answer for something like this that we are experiencing?.