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Adding products to the online store

Store. Synexgo.com

Adding products to the online store using the website.

Adding products to the store for sale on Facebook.

How to sell a product without having an online store.

We bought a few things for sale and want to put them somewhere, having no idea how to open a store.

There are many ways, but the problem is which one to choose the best for yourself.

With us, inserting your products, and thus you open your store for free.

Facebooc also has such a marketplace option and there are plenty of possibilities out there.

Open your internet business and be a boss for yourself, earn and count profits.

Amazon is the largest website for selling products, but it also has disadvantages.

What disadvantages:

Every month you have to pay to open a store and put stuff for sale there.

There is a lot of competition there, you have to pay for advertising to break through.

When you open your internet shop with us, you do not incur any costs with opening.

The service with us is constantly developed for the convenience of each participant, sales person.

You can sell your handicraft, paintings, pictures and many other things without any problem.

It is also worth remembering that sellers who started once also had a beginning.

Now they earn, say, do not overdo it 20 thousand [euro, usd].

By adding products you have the option of writing about them in Dashboard, in the second position, the name [Articles].

Advertising your store in the media is a great option, and you have the option with us, because you will receive your link.

You will name your store and under this name others will find it, and this is important. No broken links.

See what a dashboard looks like. You can quickly insert products [ Video]

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