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Social house -Moisture in the house. Ireland

source wikipedia . Ireland

Social house. Ireland is giving out flats with moisture on the walls.

Social house . Ireland is giving away homes with a problem for people receiving such a social home.

Everything is great that people receive flats, houses from the office, but there is one small problem.

For some time now, one of the social networking sites has seen people who received such housing assistance.

They have problems with these homes, because they are molded and there is a lot of moisture.

Moisture on the walls and windows is a great view of such a fungi apartment.

people who have such problems ask portals for advice on how to deal with it.

To deal with such a mushroom is not so simple.

Interestingly, even information is being received in response to the problems of such cases.

New apartments and ladies from you also have such a problem, i.e. moisture and fungus!

Causes of fungus aisles at home?

  • Moisture on the walls is a problem with the foundation of the house, where it is not tight.
  • It may be that there may be a hole somewhere from which the gutter is.
  • The mushroom will also come out like a little flat.
  • Wentalatory [ventilation grates] closed.

How to cope with moisture on the walls?

  • Evening flat every day.
  • Heat the flat after fishing.
  • Wash the wall damp place, wash with vinegar or cif.
  • Kub antifungal preparation, helps to keep low moisture, up to 70%.

Moisture, and fungus at home. Causes of unbundling.

If we have to deal with such cases as the above is the topic, then see that it relates to your health …

  • Headache problems [common].
  • Pressure may be different like at home where it is clean from damp walls.
  • You may have problems with your bones [joints].
  • Asthma may also be a problem.
  • Children are often exposed to asthma and allergies to high humidity.
  • It is also not safe because it even speeds up cancer! And bumps in the head!


A social house with moisture is not housing, because it leads to diseases, small and large.

It is not safe enough to threaten even our weariness when you stay in it for a long time.

Any doctor will tell you that it is decent and not safe, that you should change it.

Ireland has given away a few, if not a dozen or so houses.
A good solution is to go to the doctor and take a construction appraiser to assess your status.

The doctor will confirm that this donation is not safe for life or health.


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