Sell your new and used products with us.

You have things that bother you and you want to get rid of.

There are other services that want to use the platform to open a store.

Yes, you can use other services similar to what we want to provide you.

We have a good advantage and the best one, i.e. for free, and you only pay for the sale of your product.

There are no hidden fees.

Simple You get paid we get paid!

You open your store with us and you get your own link to your store.
You receive a payment to your bank account.

Simple steps to start opening your business with us:

You register with us,

You call your shop {exemplary} / Auto shop,

You add a photo of products – good quality recommended,

You give the product price, you can also make promotions,

You recommend your shop on facebook, instagram, advertising on google adworts, and other advertising methods.

Don’t wait, open your shop!

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