/This is a small community portal made for people who want to share their experiences, good and bad, can HERE insert their pictures captured [maybe by surprise? ]. Describe your photos and situations .. share with others. Remember that if your activity is not private [read number 2]. Everyone will see your activity, everyone means even those who visit the site.
Maybe someone needs help, a person or a pet. It is also a great option with this portal, because you can easily create an account for FREE, and insert a link, and a photo [not pornography – erasing all content]. With a description of the simulation.

|Good if you write what country it is [need a person. Animals ] .

ules for using media such as: The communicative portal – called Synexgo, on synexgo.com, and the Forum also on this page.

How to start in these portal and forum?
1) You must register and log in.


2) What does the portal offer?

4 My account deleted?

Any user who has a warning will receive a link with the content of the rules of this portal and Forum.

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When the users arrive, the portal will be extended so that the user would be better here.

4P Legal!

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5P The user has the right


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