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President Donald Trump , $ 80 million! [Iran].


Iran. For the head of President Donald Trump, $ 80 million!

The president for Iran is now the major enemy, for having ordered the liquidation of Iranian general Suleimani.

photo is taken apnews.com

President Donald Trump a real estate broker, you can check her on “Forbes”.

Such a list of Donald Trump is: the resort of Mar -a Lago in Florida, several hotels in Waszynkton and Las Vegas, in New York there is also a large skyscraper belonging to the President of America.

During the ceremony, he told the gathered participants to collect money. Money collected in the amount of 80 million dollars will be transferred to a person who will bring the head of the President of the United States. It will be revenge for the death Trump contributed to.

Hesameddin Ashena said: Americans are not guilty of the general’s death, but President is only guilty. [Leader]

There were also suggestions for an attack on the White House … [Such proposals were during the parliament meeting in Tehran ].

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