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Donald Trump issued an order to kill an Iranian general

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Donald Trump issued an order to kill an Iranian general

Donald Trump .The general of Iran was killed on the orders of the president of the USA. Is World War III getting closer?

For some time, Usa has been at war with Iran, but this war is so far not dangerous. the moment changed to the day when President Donald Trump issued an order to kill the Iranian general.

This derastic decision was issued by the president, because a few days before the general was killed, there was an attack on the American embassy.

In retaliation of the head of state of America, he wrote on Twitter that he did not warn the guilty party for these actions, but the result was a very strong result. [effects are now].

This behavior is nothing good because we know that the US & Iran conflict has been around for a long time. Maybe the American president provokes? .

Maybe we will have World War III?


Perhaps this is a very big step to World War III, said a high-ranking man in Iran. That such an act would not be left without consequences for those who did it.

General was a very important person in Iran, he was effective in his military activities.


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