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Pizza ordered, but not what you need?


Ordered pizza ..

Today we ordered a pizza from one of the well-known pizzerias 👍.

pizza . source . Synexgo .com

We went personally to order.

Pizza , You can also order by phone, but in person, in person .. It seemed to us in total .. The order was ordered and completed ..

We wait about 20 minutes. We already have pizza, we’re going home to eat finally. We sit down at the table comfortably in the seats occupied by us.

We can already smell the smell and taste of our pizza. We open and look at ourselves and the questions, have the pizza, or ingredients changed? Maybe, but they didn’t tell us.

After a small analysis, it comes to mind that we have a leaflet, advertising from this pizza. Then we call and ask what’s going on with this pizza, it’s quite different than it was the order.

Ok, after a few seconds the woman answers, so we ask about this unhappy order.

pizza . source . Synexgo .com

The answer is that of course there is a mistake of the person making the order.

The woman asked if we still want your real and real order, the answer. We want it, we chak it.

We waited up to 30 minutes ..

The result is that we have two old pizzas. And two new ones. The woman who answered the phone said indignantly that the order had to be checked.
Oh, or pay and check.

Because the host also can be wrong. Ok, but, but … Too often they have such mistakes.

There is food for a long time …

pizza . source . Synexgo .com


Maybe such mistakes are not good but, they increase the amount of food ..
Known is a network of pizzerias.

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