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New restorations for residents of Ireland. Fight against Coronavirus

New instructions

New instructions

New restrictions for Irish residents, stricter instructions.

New instructions for Irish residents are helping fight Coronavirus.

  1. Cafes and restaurants must limit their activities, they may be limited to take-out orders.
  2. From the north all theaters, clubs, gyms, buchmaker factories, libraries, swimming pools, hairdressers and similar places will remain.
  3. also ordered to close all hotels and non-significant retail outlets.

A list of places that can be opened is created, in designated places guidelines must be followed.

We are talking about maintaining a safe distance, which is 2 meters at least.

  1. All events, regardless of the size of the people attending, and events will be canceled.

5th All cruises will be canceled.

6th Avoid places for most people.

7th People who are waiting for a Coronavirus test should spend this time at home.

8th If it is possible to do work at home

9th Factories and construction works should not be closed, the authorities should cooperate to check the distance and security.

There will be more Garda patrols and fire guards on the roads, in parks and in other public places.

Law enforcement officers will ensure the distance between residents, a minimum distance of 2 meters.

Escorts should not exceed 4 people.

Other reconstructions issued earlier, pubs, are extended until 19/04/2020.

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