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Kobe Bryant at 41 is dead . [Black Mamba ]


Kobe Bryant played all his time at the Los Angeles Lakers.

pic. Faceboock .Synexgo.com

Kobe Bryant was killed at an early age, flying with four other people in a helicopter

The former NBA basket won five championship titles, he was devoted wholeheartedly to what he did.

Tragic death occurred on a Monday when he was flying in his own helicopter.

From official information it was heard that the 13-year-old daughter of the NBA champion was flying in the holikopter.

Four people were flying in the Holikopter, all of them died on the spot.

Brynata is said by well-known and great athletes such as: Shaquille O`Neal, Robert Lewandowski, one of the best Polish footballers.

Kobe Bryant . Pic. Twitter

All in the world after the loss of the master, Bryant was known all over the world.

basket has many millions of fans around the world. To say goodbye to Kobe, fans will gather at the funeral.

T-shirt with the inscription number 24 everyone remembers – how the champion wore in the match played.

The police investigate the circumstances of the tragedy, the helicopter fell to the ground.

As every fan of our master knows how he approached what he liked, i.e. to play basketball.

He showed his gaming skills every time, and always gave heart to the NBA.


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