Jacinta Hand found in the Boyne River, Navan, 18 is dead.

Jacinta Hand [Image: Garda Press Office ]

Jacinta Hand was found dead, her body in the River Boyne in Navan contry Meath.

An 18-year-old girl probably committed suicide, which could have prompted such a young person to do so.

Jacinta had her whole life ahead of her, to take such a step, something must become serious in the life of such a young person.

In Navan, the city is already one of the suicides of a young person.

That year, a young man committed suicide in Jonhstown not far from school.

Young people cannot cope with the problems that affect them every day.

It is worth paying attention to the behavior of your own children to know if there is something hiding in the heart what is the reason for such decisions.

Jacinta may have lived to this day, but I felt something like this.

The only question is, was it suicide or was it an unfortunate accident?

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