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Irish police does roadside checks. [ Ireland ]

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Irish Police, does roadside checks to improve road safety.

Irish police , Garda increases roadside checks to help traffic users feel safer.

Such checks are to be increased for several reasons related to what is happening.

The reasons for checking through the throat are also to reduce the crime that has increased for some time.

But also more drivers drive without fees, because the fees went up [car insurance].

please remember that the guard has the right to take the car when you are out:

  • No valid car insurance.
  • No Important road tax.
  • No car review {NCT}.
  • If the car is in a state of inadmissibility, i.e. the condition of the car is in very poor condition.

Such controls are expected to reduce crime throughout Ireland.

Cars in Ireland are also a common use to do against the law, they are simply stolen.

Police takes cars not admitted to traffic on a daily basis, or is in a state of danger to the user.

It should be remembered that such a car taken by the police is associated with a ticket, height under Irish law.

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