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Ireland: Suicide on the way to school. [RIP, Evan. F].


Ireland: Suicide on the way to school. [RIP, Evan. F]

A suicide boy found a pupil at a school in Johnstown, Navan.
Evan F, he hanged himself on the doorstep not far from the school he attended.

The photo is taken : pixabay.com

On the way to school, the 16-year-old committed suicide, the reason is unknown.

However, it is known that the day before he broke up with his girlfriend. Young boy before leaving for school wrote a letter to his mother, he left this letter at home.

I have a boyfriend when she saw the letter saying here that “I intend to commit suicide” [It is not known if something else was written in this letter].

Evan F > that was the name of the boy who took his life.
  He liked to play football (a similar player was a good player) so the media, and people who know the boy.

The reason for such a decisive step to take your own life is not yet known.

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