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Ireland already has a second confirmed case of [coronavirus] infection.

Ireland already has a second confirmed case of [coronavirus]

Ireland is starting to deal with a second confirmed case of contracting the virus.

Ireland is already . According to the Department of Health, tonight confirmations are confirmed.

To hurt a woman this time, not a man as in the first case.

A woman infected with coronavirus stays in solitary confinement and is under the control of doctors.

It is believed that the woman in whom the virus was confirmed was in Italy.

It is known that the woman traveled from Italy to Ireland.

HSE is looking for people who may have had contact with a infected person, this is a woman.

according to HSE information that a woman has no relationship with an infected man.


In Ireland, there are two cases of Covid-19 infection. All 397 people who were tested. Until March 2, day of Monday.


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