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How to pack – see here


How to pack – see here

For the shipment to arrive safely, comply with the following recommendations:

Choose the right strength of the packaging so that the packaging doesn’t tear during travel.
If you send delicate items, select a relatively larger packaging for them so that they do not touch the inside walls of the package and fill the empty space of the package with materials such as paper, foam or foil with air bubbles.
If you are sending items with sharp edges, wrap them with paper or bubble wrap.
Insert the address of the recipient and sender with full details to ensure the inside of the package.
Make sure the package does not have sharp ends or holes – cover it with tape
Address the package exactly by writing your address on it as the sender’s address and the recipient’s address along with the phone numbers for you and the recipient.
If you send several packages to one address, address each of them separately.
If the package contains GLASS or SENSITIVE items, place such marking on the outside of the package