How old can this tree be? , County Meath. #Kentstown

How old can this tree be? , you can see that the roots have come outside.

Tree -
Tree –

The tree is already a little damaged but the appearance of this tree is still interesting.

Such a spectacular tree can be seen in Ireland, in a park near Navan.

When we were on a trip in Ireland, we took a photo of this story.

From information from people who were there by the tree, we know that supposedly the age of the trees is 150 years.

What is the history of this tree is not fully known, I say the Irish.

But if you are in the city of Navan then follow the Kentstown road – a city in County Meath.

There is this wonderful tree nearby, visited by many tourists and more.
Because the Irish also go there to rest, because it is great …

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