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Hello dear user


Hello dear user! You can already use the portal – create public posts, share news, add photos, like, comment on other users, photos and entries. You can also go to the store HERE / Invite friends to the discussion. And what is great, create private and public groups [Creating groups paused for revocation], You decide what and how! AFTER CLICKING IN THE LINK WITH THE WORDS (CLICK) YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE ACTIVITY WEBSITE – WHERE TO ENTER POSTS VISIBLE FOR EVERYONE. QUICKLY FIND YOUR PROFILE / after redirecting in ACTIVITY find your NICK, press and you are already in your profile, there Create media and many other great things! HAVE A ENJOY USE AND FUN !.



After the registration you have access to the service [portal] – you can make entries and so on.
** To have further access to the site’s services, synexgo. com /
A respected user, until the moderator approves your further access /
After you have the option of placing an advertisement – Kub sell something [Listing forms].

If you have questions, please ask – when OFF leave a message.
Thank you