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Ireland’s government wants to change the age of free treatment for children 8 years old. But this is not the end of free treatment, because the project that can start in 2020 is also intended to include children under 13 years of age. Health care

Health Minister Simon Harris has already said that the government has already approved free childcare for children up to the age of 13.

Not given yet, when the plan comes to life, and you can use this good plan.

As we know, being with a GP is a bit problematic because it is quite expensive. And the earnings are not very high, and the solution that free treatment for children is a very good idea.

What do doctors say about this?

Some doctors think that such a project will not pass, was it about finances?

How will it look financially in free treatment for children?

Ireland is also struggling with a small financial crisis, but the government wants to allocate funds for such a project, because health is important and money should not play a big role in the treatment of man.

The Irish government said money should not play an important role when it comes to the health of each of us.

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