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For auctions


Do you want to insert your product? for auctions?

You need:

1) Product Title
2) Product Description
3) Product Short Description
4) Product Image
5) Opening Price
6) Lowest Price to Accept
7) Lowest Price to Accept
8) Incremental Value
9) End date.

Warning !!
for each product buyer, the customer pays to our account the final sum, invoked by the person given when inserting the product.

To get your money, you must send your bank details … We will send the value of the final sum, BUT we charge EUR 1.00 for each product / i.e. you have earned EUR 4 for the product, you will receive EUR 3, we will charge you a minimum of EUR 3 product! , for example you have a product worth 2 euros, we don’t download anything, you get the whole 2 euros!

You can send your products via chat, but remember to sign [YOUR DATA ARE PRIVATE].

After approval you will receive emeil, it usually takes up to 2 business days.

If you have questions, write ….