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Keane Mulready-Woods killed by a gangster?.


Keane Mulready-Woods had a problem with a 24-year-old gangster from another gang.

Body remains found [ garda ]

Keane Mulready-Woods was kidnapped and tortured, later his body parts were found in a sports bag.

The Irish hail was informed by young people who found a bag with a headache.
The police accepted the application and after a short time the guard found out that the head was poured to Keane Mulready-Woods, residing in Dublin.

 Reason for the brutal murder of Keane Mulready- Woods?
A 17-year-old boy had a dispute with a gangster from the opposite gang, reportedly 24 years old who is wanted by the Irish police.

The murdered teenager was killed by black and white flip-flops, which he allegedly stole from a sports bag.

On the social network, the 17-year-old showed up in stolen flip-flops, black and white. Keane Mulready- Woods reportedly attacked and stole these flip-flops from a gangster from the opposite gang.

Roundup on 24-year-old who committed a terrible murder of a 17-year-old boy.

Garda scrupulously checks airports, because wanted for a likely murderous he can flee to another country, the police also checks cars, by doing control.

Such a murder should not be taken lightly, the police have announced it is a matter of time and the perpetrator will be caught and brought to court.

All this event is a great shock and surprise how you can commit such a terrible murder, especially at 17 years old .

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