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Counterfeit money in Ireland [20 euros]

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Counterfeit 20 euro money .There are more and more money across Ireland.

Counterfeit 20 euro money more and more in circulation.

The Irish police and representatives from the Tax Offices inform people about counterfeit money.

From the information determined, it is known that 430.895 euros were seized.

But this is not the end of bank notes, because it can be much more.

It is also known that not only 20 euros in circulation is false, there is also a lot of 10 euros!

Counterfeit 20 euro money

How do you recognize that money is fake? , [no watermark].

Garda informs and calls:

If we see or are in possession of such unlawful money.

false money must be reported to the garde.

If we own it and we do not report it, we may face imprisonment.

What is involved in this, the lawsuit.

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