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A virus from China attacked the first city of Wuhan.

Virus from China

China is struggling with the virus but it is not a simple matter, because it quickly becomes angry.

The first such cases have already been reported in Europe.

Such cases of infection were found in France, so far two cases have been found.

The second case was recorded in Paris, the places where the remorse was recorded are under control.

The coronavirus paralyzed a city of 11 million.

Special procedures have been introduced at airports to reduce the risk of the virus entering Europe.

Procedures for safety reasons are such that doctors are required to look after travelers from China.

Doctors have the task of paying particular attention to people who return to China and have symptoms such as pneumonia or flu.

If someone arrived from #China must say where it will start, i.e. must provide the address.

That is why the address is given, because after two weeks someone will check whether returning from China is not infected,

About a suspected infection with #coronavirus was written HERE.

If such a person who returned two weeks early shows signs of concern, then he is checked for infection.

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