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Coronavirus in already in Ireland. Confirmed !.

Coronavirus in Ireland

Coronavirus in Ireland


Coronavirus in already confirmed in Ireland the case of a school student.

Coronavirus in Ireland. A student from East Dublin school has Covid-19 confirmed information.

The school to which it is infected is closed for two weeks.

Coronavirus in Ireland

HSE.ie informs that CoVid -19 confirms that one of the patients is the virus.

It is already known that the student went to school in Glasnevin in Dublin.

The students of this school are already in solitary confinement for two weeks. [Maybe he was in contact with the infected].

School staff and learners received instructions from the HSE on how to proceed.

Convictions in case of contracting coronaviris.

Remember to minimize the infection, wash your hands with soap and alcohol disinfectant.

Work clothes often, because when we move it may be on clothes, but it is known that the virus will not last long.

On dead things, if it’s worth the work often.

Avoid populated areas, less touch things – for example, open the door of the doctor through a handkerchief, but release it later.

It may seem that the matter is less serious, oh no, the matter is serious.

As you can see how fast this virus spread, because people are traveling …

if you notice symptoms of contagion remember not to leave the house and limit contact with the household.

After noticing the symptoms, call your GP and wait for further tips.

t is worth paying attention to think sensibly and not to panic.

From other sources of information, we read that such a virus can last until April, but this is only speculation.

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