Kids and technology, I don’t eat because I don’t have a fairy tale!.

Children and technology, I do not eat because I do not have a fairy tale, and here already the problem.

If you have a child, or children, you have encountered such a problem, I do not eat because I do not have a fairy tale, or I will not do something.

Once children were raised without fairy tales, well the fairy tales were bedtime.

Yes I know there was no such technology for a child to have a phone or something like that.

In these times it is not possible for a child not to be able to watch a fairy tale, or something did not receive in return that there is no fairy tale.

Not once have you seen on the street, in the doctor’s clinic, even in the store, as a kid has a phone and watches something on it.

I know you tell me what’s so bad about watching something on your phone.

So I will answer you:

Just watching fairy tales on your phone is not bad, but if you can see that the viewing is too big is already something wrong.

Because as you can see and hear in the media, whether on the internet you can find what parents have problems with children, because they watch and cartoons, or on YouTube something there.

As if to take away access to youtube child this problem is terrible and even such a child is able to tell parents about being mistreated and the problem to be clarified.

It is also worth saying that such effects are derastic, because after cutting off from youtube (fairy tales).

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