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Car mechanic . Opel zafira repair. #Blue smoke

A car mechanic . Opel zafira

A Car mechanic is probably forced to repair cars.

A Car mechanic is probably forced to repair cars.
In May 2019 I took an Opel to a mechanic.

The car stuck out for 4 months, did something there, and at the same time said maybe it was a guessing game.

I was paying for parts because I wanted to do Opel. In short (Opel did not). I took the car, I regretted it because the car did not drive anymore.

The reason was the smoke from the exhaust pipe and go out after a while. So I thought I would drive to another mechanic …
Oh, that first fern, the mechanic was offended, I don’t know what.

I didn’t challenge him, and none of these things. Approx. The car is already at another mechanic’s. 🚖
The second mechanic also took care of the fact that it lasted 6 months. With the fact that this car mechanic has an idea about repairs, but you can see that he earned some money and chooses whom and how,

But we pay for repairs of our cars. [I wrote to each of them if the car was already done, the answer was “I have other cars after all.” After all, he asks for vengeance. ]

All in all, he gets a text from a wonderful mechanic, come for the car because it takes up space … 🤔.

You wrote back, so everything looks fine. Oh, and the car was with these pseudo mechanics, it was overhauled, etc. I bought another car.

💡 I pick up the car for a mechanic.

As you did, he flies. So I’m pouring the disela, because it’s empty.

I start and smoke there. And in the wheel he knocks on the right and nothing knocks. The dashboard lamp lights up, which says about the candles.

  • A yellow spring type lamp. I ask what is.

You have to burn it, because the fumes burn. The rest of the failure explains that the car has been standing for a long time, but whose fault is it ?.

He took PLN 800 over for it. It can’t be that we would pay and be treated by the mechanic for the enemy. Because the customer pays him.

Oh, the mechanic talks to me, I don’t have time to talk. Hands fly by themselves, but man has a bit of culture, not like two mechanics.




This is not about all mechanics, because they are also normal and conscientious.