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Baba Wanga – predictions for 2020. Will it work?


Baba Wanga – predictions for 2020. Will it work?

Baba Wanga . Wangelija Pandewa Dimitrowa – she is a well-known clairvoyant and her predictions have come true in one issue, such as the predicted attack by the World Trade Center towers.

Picture : curiosmos com [ Baba Wanga ]

She gained her foresight skills at the age of 12, also at that age she lost her sight.

Baba Wanga predicted that in 2020 it would be a year of quite big problems and various cataclysms.

Prophecies for 2020 are that China, Japan and even Aleske will be affected by a large flood.
But this is not the end of the clairvoyant predictions – in Asia there will be a great combing of the earth in scale [7.5 on the Richter scale].

Many people will die, these are the predictions for 2020.

2020 will also not be good for presidents such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
Donald Trupm according to Baba Wangi’s prophecy – he may be seriously ill. Vladimir Putin – his life may be threatened, because someone from security may want to attempt the life of the President of Russia.


This is predicted by clairvoyant for 2020.

if these predictions are correct, time will show – It is worth to approach these prophecies from a distance

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