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Air conditioning in Opel Zafira. How to repair

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Repair of air conditioning in a Opel Zafira car, there are some plastics.

How to start repair? in fact it is not so difficult, but you have to be patient because there are a lot of plastic things.

Repairing air conditioning in a car is a simple matter, and all you need is one screwdriver of one size, so you don’t need many wrenches and screwdrivers.

To get inside, unscrew a few screws, we are talking here from the driver’s side under the steering wheel, Under the steering wheel there is the largest plastic there. the biggest plastic we have to unscrew three screws are.

Screws from this plastic are the same as everywhere, which we will unscrew to get into the air conditioning.

But we must remember that there is also plastic there, just to seal the door [front of the door – from the driver]. This plastic has no screws, only it is well hooked, so you should gently pull it out.

We also have to unscrew the two screws next to the gearbox to also dismantle the plastic. After unscrewing all the screws and plastics, we can now get into the air conditioning inside the car.

In the car under the steering wheel, and exactly on the back of the air conditioning control knobs there is a white circle, and often this circle sticks and there is such a bolt that falls from the wheel.

In my case, it was the reason that the windscreen is not blowing on the windshield.

I did by moving this pin, but it only happens to start when setting to a lower temperature. If we set it to heat, it is much slower