Affiliate Terms

The affiliate program is still in ACTIVE. We invite you to visit our website to check if you can already earn with us. No withdrawals will be processed until the change from BETA to Active

Payments are not made. If you change into ACTIVE Versions, you can already earn with us.
1. The principle is simple:
a. You have a link what you recommend it, and people who get it from your link earn money. For each command you will receive 20 cents + there are also bonuses and rewards. [secret].
The condition of receiving the calculation is a person who is of YOUR COMMAND, REPLACED YOUR PORTAL PROFILE. Activity must show – condition.
We undertake to pay the version of the instructions on your part our website, and activity through you.
Remember that we can always change the payout, the amount of earnings !!.
remember that when we decide to end the affiliate program – we finish it. But if you have collected withdrawals, you will receive a withdrawal!